Thornybush Game Reserve

Thornybush Game Reserve in South Africa A Thornybush luxury safari lodge in South Africa

Thornybush Game Reserve in South Africa

Thornybush Private Game Reserve is situated in the heart of the rolling Lowveld Savannah and is adjacent to the Kruger National Park in South Africa and near Hoedspruit, the safari lodges capital of South Africa. This area is home to many of the world's real superior game and safari reserves and lodges,

What draws people to this part of Africa is not large herds of one or two species, but rather a good number of a large collection of different species in a relatively small space, resulting in a wildlife experience characterized by the diversity of the natural character of the place. It is this diversity that makes for very successful luxury south african safari holidays

Thornybush has famous neighbours like Timbavati, Kapama, Klaserie and also the one-and-only Kruger National Park - all of them offering luxury game lodges. Even with this incredubly strong competition from its neighbours, Thornybush still remains one of the very best in the world.

Whereas the Sabi Sand area is near the Kruger Gate of the Kruger Park, Thornybush is near the Phalaborwa and Orpen Gates of the Park.

All these places are home to the Big Five and a huge variety of other African wildlife species, and it shares the near perfect year round climate of a nearby Phalaborwa, which is sometimes called "The Place with two Summers," making Thornybush and the others in this area a perfect destination for a luxury family safari holiday.

What makes Thornybush unique is the way management manages the place. It was fenced in 1955, proclaimed in 1993 and the first lodge was built in 1961. The size is a little bit less than 14 000ha, where 48 Mammal species, 112 Tree species, 230 Bird species and 54 reptile species make their home in very well-managed circumstances.

Thornybush Game Reserve played a leading role in conservation in South Africa. They were the first to translocate lion legally from the Kruger National Park. They also were the first to translocate entire elephant families from the Kruger Park. They were also some of the first to use contraceptive instead of culling of elephants and lions. They also successfully reintroduced leopards and cheetahs. These and other "firsts" serve to prove that the Thornybush management are leading figures in the world of wildlife conservation.

All these firsts are indicative of a keen wildlife preservation spirit - something that wipes off on all the lodges and the staff who become the final hosts to the many wildlife-loving tourists who visit the Thornybush Game Reserve's luxury game lodges.

Family safaris where some families have small children are very welcome and there are some special activities created for children. Such activities include specially designed game drives including a "ranger in training" pack with a set of activities designed for the young lovers of South African safari holidays.

The variety of luxury game lodges at Thornybush offers guests the opportunity to experience luxury Safari Tented Camps as well as luxurious and comfortable premier lodges.

Thornybush Game Reserve offers the safari travelers a choice of nine luxury game lodges ranging from small, intimate lodges to somewhat bigger lodges where there is normally a buzz in the air with all the other guests enjoying their African safari holidays.

Thornybush is a great venue for conferences and weddings. It also offers a team building programme and a wellness spa.

Thornybush can be reached by scheduled daily flights to Eastgate Airport, or you can charter a private aircraft directly into one of the reserve's two airfields. Flights take about an hour.

By road, you have a choice of a private shuttle or you can drive yourself. Drive time is between 5 - 7 hours depending on which Thornybush Game Reserve entry gate you are using.

Two Cheetahs in the road
wilddogs at Thornybush
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