Lion Sands: Kruger National Park & Sabi Sand

Photo of a Leopard in a tree in the Kruger Park Photo of a male lion eating a buffalo and a vulture keeping watch

Safari Holiday Lodges

To choose between the lodges at Lion Sands Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands Game Reserve, personal taste and budget is important. Our lodges are all situated on the perennial Sabie River, and offer our guests the pinnacle of African contemporary luxury. You choose the best fit, as each is as unique as the guest. You may even decide to try them all. If you would like utter exclusivity, the privacy of a personal Villa with deck lounge and pool, never more than 10 other guests, then Ivory Lodge is the one for you. Both Tinga Lodge and Narina Lodge afford exclusive accommodations, with private plunge pools and decks overlooking the Sabie River in the Kruger National Park. The styles of the lodges differ. Narina’s signature feature is its positioning within the trees, while Tinga is bolder in tone and décor. For those who prefer the company of others in a larger environment, River Lodge is ideal.

All of these lodges have access to all areas of historical significance in the Kruger National Park. Access to the greater Kruger National Park if guests request to extend their safari experience beyond the concession territory is easy.

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Luxury Safari Lodges

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Tinga Kruger Park Safari Lodge

Photo of Tinga Safari Lodge

Narina Kruger Park Safari Lodge

photo of Narina Lodge in Kruger National Park

Ivory Lodge Sabi Sands Safari Lodge

Photo of Lion Sands Ivory Lodge

River Lodge Sabi Sands Safari Lodge

Lion sands River Lodge

Lion Sands Game Reserve

The Reserve is situated in the Southern Kruger National Park.

Lion Sands Kruger National Park is one of only seven private concessions in the Kruger National Park. A 5,000 hectare (12,500 acre) private concession with the highest concentration of Black Rhino (Diceros bicornis) in South Africa. It is the only private reserve with access to both the Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands Game Reserve.

Lion Sands Game Reserve actually stretches over two different entities, namely the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and the Kruger National Park, which was originally called the Sabie Reserve. The Kruger National Park was proclaimed in 1898 and included the current Sabi Sand area but it was later cut off and fenced out of the Kruger due to extensive hunting.

When hunting was finally curbed, the fences between the now Kruger National Park and the Sabi Sand Game Reserve were removed to enable the animals to use their traditional seasonal trekking routes again.

During 1948 the private owners of Sabi Sand formally formed an association what is now the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. They proceeded to build private safari lodge accommodation with an emphasis on exclusivity that differentiates them from their massive neighbour, the Kruger National Park.

Sabi Sands shares a 50km unfenced border with the Kruger National Park. Two rivers supply the Sabi Sands with a valuable water source. The Sand River flowing through the reserve for 50km from north west to south east and the Sabie River flowing on its southern boundary. These two rivers ensure that this area enjoys one of the highest and most diverse wildlife populations in Africa.

Lion Sands Game Reserve have traversing rights in both the Sabi Sands and the Kruger National Park and it has four luxury lodges on the banks of the Sabie River. Two in the Kruger National Park and two in Sabi Sands. This arrangement has obvious advantages, which makes a visit to the Lion Sands reservation and their luxury safari lodges for your safari holidays a very wise decision.

Over two hundred different species live here in abundance. The wildlife in this area (with the exception of the migratory birds) remain in their territories all year round. It could be a challenge to find a wildlife experience quite like this anywhere else in Africa.

The Lion Sands Game Reserve offers four great African safari lodges that excel in hospitality. Beautiful, luxury accommodation, wonderful landscapes, wonderful views over the Sabi River, fine cuisine, skilled guides, trackers and rangers and friendly capable staff are a few of the aspects that visitors enjoy. Each lodge has a unique atmosphere and ambiance.

For the most extravagant glamping experience, Lion Sands has three luxury Treehouses where guests are able to spend a night under the stars in lavish style.

Another great plus for Lion Sands is the fact that Kruger Park's Skukuza Airport is situated in close proximity to all of the Lion Sands’ Lodges. With scheduled daily flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town, guests need not waste hours on your safari holidays with un-necessary domestic flight connections and tedious road transfers.

Spring and summer in Lion Sands are rainy seasons and the bush is green, lush and thick, resulting in more difficult sightings of animals. Days and evenings are warm. Autumn and winter are dry, the bush is less dense with a lack of water. Animals frequent waterholes and rivers more often and it is easier to see them. Days are usually quite warm, but early morning and evening can be very chilly.

The Kruger National Park is located in a low risk malaria area and we suggest you discuss this with your health practitioner before travelling.

Chalkleytreehouse in Lion Sands Kruger Park
Tinyeleti treehouse for your next safari holiday
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