Kruger National Park Hotels and Luxury Lodges

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Kruger National Park Hotels

Luxury Kruger Family Safaris are on offer inside the Kruger Park

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Hamiltons Tented Camp

Photo of Hamiltons Safari Lodge

Hoyo-Hoyo Safari Lodge

Photo of Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge

Imbali Safari Lodge

Photo of Imbali Safari Lodge

Lukimbi Safari Lodge

Photo of Imbali Safari Lodge

Kruger Park Concessions

Kruger National Park is a place of diversity. About the size of Wales, it has Rest Camps, Bushveld Camps, Satellite Camps, Bush Lodges and Luxury private lodges or hotels. Each of these camps and hotels has its own unique character true to the diverse nature of the park. This diversity in habitat also extends to the animal world where an unparallelled number of different species are represented. This diversity has the effect that one may visit the different camps and lodges and on each occasion enjoy a completely different wildlife experience. SANParks, which manages the Kruger Park, is a world leader in advanced environmental management techniques and policies.

A must-visit for any lover of nature, 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 507 birds and 147 mammals species can be observed in this magnificent park. Also to be experienced are signs of human habitation over many centuries - from bushman rock paintings to majestic archaeological sites like Masorini and Thulamela.

While Sanparks runs the park itself as well as the Rest Camps, Bushveld Camps, Satellite Camps and Bush Lodges, there are a good number of privately-run hotels, popularly called safari lodges or game lodges. Each of the lodges or groups of lodges has concessions areas where only people who are booked into the lodges as guests at the time are allowed to traverse. Normally the lodges provide trained guides and safari vehicles to drive the guests on safaris inside these concession areas.

The lodges range from luxurious to opulent and each has its own character and temperament, which makes it quite a task to try and find the lodge that will best fit the needs of the individual groups who want to visit the Kruger Park in luxury. That is where we come in to help. Having written a book about the park, after driving all the roads open to the public, we know the park well and are in a position to help you find the ultimate private lodge or combination of accommodations for you. Whether you want a luxury Kruger family safari, or a romantic, intimate safari experience, just contact us and tell us what your expectations are, and we will help.

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