Chobe Under Canvas, Botswana

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Chobe Under Canvas - Glamping

Glamping, short for glamourous camping or luxury adventure camping

Glamping Chobe National Park, Botswana, Southern Africa

andBeyond Chobe Under Canvas camp in the famous Chobe National Park offers the adventurous nature lover a wildlife glamping experience like no other. Being a mobile camp that relocates in the bush every five days from secluded spot to secluded spot, it always nestles in virgin bush with the wildlife not accustomed to nearby human interference - African nature like Livingstone found it.

Livingstone surely would have given a lot to experience all this in the luxury and comfort that awaits the andBeyond glamping guests who visit Chobe Under Canvas! Appreciate the comfortable safari tents with en-suite bathroom facilities which include a shower and a flush toilet. You can choose a double bed or two single beds to suit you and your partner's tastes.

For your other needs, guest areas are provided with drinks between game drives and other activities, a dining tent where you can enjoy the meals you do not take in the open bush, like the wonderful bush dinners under the African night sky. If you would like to read a book or have a chat with other guests, a lounge area is provided where you can enjoy those activities.

andBeyond welcomes you to a glamping safari in the game-rich Chobe National Park where you will be treated to one of the luxury wildlife experiences that andBeyond is so famous for.

Chobe Under Canvas Glamping Features

Five en-suite mobile safari tents with a maximum of ten people as guests. The glamping tents feature steaming hot bucket shower water and WCs

The glamping camps are unfenced with the result that guests must be careful when moving about, especially at night. For this reason children under 12 are not allowed as guests for this glamping adventure.

Enjoy morning and afternoon glamping safaris as well as private boat cruise safaris on the Chobe River.

Species you may encounter are among others - elephants, lion, leopard, African wild dog, spotted hyena, giraffe, sable, buffalo, hippo, lechwe, blue wildebeest, crocodile, greater kudu, zebra, warthog and baboon.

A typical glamping day at Chobe Under Canvas

Your butler will start your day by waking you up softly early in the morning, offering you a tray of tea and coffee with homemade biscuits. When finished with the morning drink, you will join your guide and tracker on a 4x4 safari vehicle on your morning game drive when you will be able to maybe find some lions still feasting on their kill of the night before, or maybe a leopard still eating away at his prey in a tree, but normally the morning drive gives ample and very interesting evidence of how the inhabitants of the bush spent the previous night.

Returning from this wonderful start to the day, you will find at the camp a great breakfast waiting for you. Toast, jams and marmalades, homemade muesli, fresh fruits and assorted cheeses, while hot breakfasts are prepared on the open fire with eggs, omelettes, frittatas and freshly cooked pot breads to give you strength for the Livingstonian explorations that await you for the rest of the day.

After breakfast, a steaming hot shower in your tent may be to your liking, followed by a short nap and maybe some socializing with the other guests in the lounge area before enjoying lunch from the platters in the cool dining room tent.

An afternoon tea will be served with light snacks in the late afternoon while you read a good book or enjoy a glass of wine in the guest tent or watching and listening to the natural sights and sounds of Nature from the veranda of your tent.

Then, the highlight of the second half of your day - the afternoon glamping safari. Or, if you want a glamping boat cruise on the Chobe River where you can get near hundreds of elephants playing in the water after drinking their quota for the day. Hippos, sable, buffalo and many other species can be spotted from the boat. This boat trip gives you a look at the wildlife from a different angle - almost like crocodiles see them when they lurk under the water in search of a suitable prey to catch.

Finally, another highlight awaits you at the camp after your game-viewing experiences - cocktails around the campfire. Enjoy delicious food prepared on the open fire under the stars, while re-living the day's highlights and sharing with your fellow guests' rangers and other staff before going to bed in your glamping tent to listen to the animal sounds before dozing off for a wonderful night's sleep, knowing that you are one of a very lucky few who have experienced a day with andBeyond, their friendly and efficient staff, the animals of the African bush and the wonderful bush and river landscapes that are offered by Chobe Under Canvas.

The glamping people at the camp

At the camp, quite a sizable number of lovely people will await your arrival. Highly trained, professional, passionate and knowledgeable guides and trackers and chefs, butlers, housekeepers, security and workshop staff trained with the same care as the field staff - all of them aim to ensure you have a glamping experience of a lifetime, with their motivation settled in the wish to see you again - next time!

The wildlife on this glamping adventure

With a huge share of the world's elephant population congregated in Chobe, your chances of seeing large herds of 200 elephant and more are excellent. Seeing them drinking and cavorting in the water is a glamping experience to remember. Sometimes they swim from island to island or mainland to island, sometimes swimming past the boat, offering a rare opportunity to go near elephants swimming in the water.

Two rare animals are encountered in Chobe National Park, namely the Puku and the Chobe Bushbuck. Although they are rarely seen, you may be lucky to see one or perhaps both.

And then, the elusive cats, lion and leopard, and other carnivores like wild dog, hyena, civet and caracal which you may be able to see.


Children over the age of 12 are welcome to come glamping at andBeyond Chobe Under Canvas, although the tents are unsuitable for triple occupation, meaning that younger children are unable to share a room with their parents.


Please contact us for our latest rates and availability.

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Rates Include:

Three meals daily
Soft drinks
House wines
Local brand spirits and beers
Teas and coffees
Refreshments on game drives
Laundry (limited and weather dependant)
Safari activities (including game drives and boat rides)
Emergency medical evacuation insurance
Transfers to and from the lodge airstrip and park fees

Rates Exclude:

Telephone calls, Safari shop purchases, Gratuities, All items of a personal nature, Champagne, Cognacs, Fine wines, Premium brand spirits and cigars, Landing fees, Administration fee.


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Children between the age of 12 - 16 sharing with 1 or 2 adult are charged 50% of the adult rate. This is subject to the availability of triple rooms. Children over the age of 12 welcome.

&Beyond Trading Terms apply.

Additional Activities at Chobe Under Canvas

Photographic Safaris

Capture the magnificent wildlife and scenic landscapes of Chobe National Park on a glamping Photographic Safari. Accompanied by a professional photographer, set out in a custom built vehicle or boat and receive expert tips and recommendations on how to capture the most breath-taking images. Bring your own equipment or use the state-of-the-art digital SLR cameras with zoom lenses that are provided. Additional costs apply.