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Chobe Safari Lodges

We have three luxury African safari tent camps on offer at Chobe.

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Botswana Safaris in Chobe Game Reserve

The history of the Chobe National Park began more or less when the rulers of Bechuanaland, now Botswana, started to realise that hunting is no longer sustainable and the need for the conservation of the wildlife was more important for a sustainable future.

The status of the area progressed from a no-hunting area (1932) to game reserve, called the Chobe Game Reserve (1960) until finally in 1967 it was proclaimed a National Park.

The first inhabitants of the area was the Basarwa people or San Bushmen. They were hunter-gatherers and they lived in harmony with nature and were true hunters, hunting only with bow and arrow, making the wholesale slaughter of animals impossible. These hunters also primarily hunted for food, but also made good use of skins, sinew, bones and other parts of the animals they hunted to use as clothing and tools. Members of these bush gentlemen and women can sometimes be seen at some of the chobe safari lodges on Botswana Safaris.

Chobe National Park's four ecosystems

The Chobe Riverfront area in the northeast of the park is perhaps the busiest tourist area in the park with Kasane an important touristy town with Chobe safari lodges and campgrounds offering boat cruises on the Chobe river between the islands. Elephants and other animals frequently swim to the islands to feed on the green grass there. Going on one of these Chobe River cruises may just be the highlight of your Botswana Safari.

Another reason for Kasane's popularity is the fact that it is easy to visit the Victoria Falls from Kasane on a very interesting day trip organized for you by Chobe Safari Lodge.

The Savuti Marsh area forms the western side of the park. The region is characterised by swampy conditions that oscillate between wet and dry periods of long duration, leaving lots of dead trees after a dry period. It also extensive savannahs grasslands, resulting in a prolific wildlife in this section of the park. In dry seasons, warthogs, kudus, impalas, zebras, wildebeests and above all elephants are viewed by African Safari lovers in safari vehicles. During rainy seasons, birdlife in the park become prolific and is a twitcher's paradise. Predators like lions, hyenas, and sometimes cheetahs are visible as well. It is in this region that the annual zebra migration, with many predators in tow, takes place.

To the North of Savuti, the Linyanti Marsh at the Northwest corner of the park is adjacent to the Linyanti River. Around the Kwando and the Linyanti rivers one find riverine and open woodlands and lagoons with the rest of the region mainly flood plains. Lovers of african safaris will find here large prides of lions, leopards, wild dogs, roan antelopes, sable antelopes, hippopotamus, huge herds of elephants and a prolific bidlife.

Between the two marshes, lies the hinterland, a dry and relatively unknown area where many Eland can be seen.

Chobe Elephants

Elephants and Chobe National Park is synonymous. It is home to the world's largest elephant population. Visiting this game reserve is a virtual guarantee that one will see large herds of elephants as well as the usual antelope, lions, leopards and other big and small African wildlife. With the ample number of chobe safari lodges and camps that offer comfortable to luxury accommodation, it is difficult to find a better opportunity to enjoy a great Botswana wilderness adventure.

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