Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge, Botswana

Photo of evening dinner area with burning campfires Picture of a guest area at Sandibe Safari Lodge Picture of a Guest suite at the Lodge View from a bedroom on the landscape outside.

Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

Located in Botswana, Southern Africa

Situated on a private concession in the Okavango Delta, &Beyond Sandibe Safari Lodge boasts exclusive traversing rights over a vast stretch of land adjacent to the wildlife-rich Moremi Game Reserve. With its stunning setting, the lodge features the best the Delta has to offer in terms of outstanding design, outstanding wildlife viewing and warm local hospitality.

Set in a cool forest canopy of wild palms and fig trees, this flagship lodge blends seamlessly with one of Africa’s most breathtaking landscapes. Behind the lodge, golden-grassed floodplains inhabited by a variety of wildlife stretch into the distance, framed by palm islands and the spires of giant termite mounds. A channel of clear, cool waters runs directly in front of the elevated guest suites, offering unrestricted views over the beauty of the Delta.

At &Beyond Sandibe, guests can wake up to the sound of animals, laugh at the antics of baboons and squirrels over breakfasts and tread in the footsteps of elephants as they walk the ancient paths that bisect the forest. Days are spent exploring a maze of papyrus and exploring the wide floodplains in search of wildlife. The lodge’s design creates a sense of space and grandeur where guests can revel in one of Africa’s most untouched landscapes, enjoying the beauty of the natural spectacle that lies right on their doorstep.

Inspired by one of the Okavango Delta’s inhabitants, the guest areas of Sandibe rise out of the trees clad in a wooden skin of shingles and timber that mirrors the pangolin’s body armour of overlapping scales. Organic and handmade, the lodge blends perfectly with its surroundings, becoming one with the Delta itself.

A day at Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

Morning Game Dive

As dawn breaks over the African bush, a tap on your door will wake you to the delights of a new day. Your guide will discuss what you hope to see that day over fragrant tea or coffee and morning biscuits or rusks. Explore the floodplains and grasslands of the Delta in search of the Big Five, encountering large herds of elephant and buffalo or elegant sable and roan antelope.


Return to the lodge for a delicious breakfast, with platters of fruit and cheese followed by a selection of hot breakfast dishes. Choose from eggs, oats, waffles or a number of other options.


If you wish, you can walk off your breakfast on a short walk near the lodge, accompanied by your guide, who will share his insight into the smaller animals and vegetation in the area. Watch as the expert chefs in the interactive kitchen prepare the freshest of ingredients for a mouth-watering lunch.

Afternoon Tea

Cool off with a refreshing dip in your private plunge pool or indulge in an afternoon siesta or one of the comfortable day beds. Then enjoy a late afternoon tea before you embark on your afternoon game drive.

Afternoon Game Drive

Setting out in search of wildlife once again, stopping to marvel at the spectacular sight of the setting sun casting a golden glow on the floodplains and Delta channels.


Return to the lodge for a mouth-watering dinner under African skies.


Like the cosy nests of golden weaver birds that line the banks of the channel, the eight elegant guest suites of Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge peek out over the riverside reeds. Designed for both privacy and views, the suites are raised above the papyrus, peeking out from a canopy of wild palms and fig trees.

The suites’ design, complete with hand-woven exteriors, reinforces this cosy and intimate feeling. Looking out over the Delta, the suites are nestled into the big trees and thickets that spring up around the water’s edge.

Wildlife at Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

Renowned for its abundant wildlife, the Okavango Delta and the areas surrounding Sandibe Safari Lodge are home to a large number of species, including many predators, as well as a number of species adapted to the semi-aquatic lifestyle, such as the elegant red lechwe and shy sitatunga. Lion prides, cheetah, leopard and African wild dog may be encountered, while families of hippo hide in the deeper channels and lagoons. The area supports a large concentration of elephant and buffalo, while roan and sable antelope roam the open woodlands.

One of the most commonly encountered antelope in the Okavango, the red lechwe is especially adapted for the swampy conditions it lives in. Its splayed, elongated hooves give it a sure footing in muddy conditions, allowing it to inhabit the outskirts of the permanent swamps, where it feeds on the lush semi-aquatic grasses. A striking sight with their rust red coats, herds of female lechwe gather to feed in the choice grazing areas, where eager males join them during the breeding season in November.

With an incredible wealth of species, the Okavango is a haven for birding enthusiasts. One of its most sought after species is the huge but elusive Pel’s fishing owl. Living in pairs, this rare bird roosts in the densest evergreen thickets, emerging to haunt its favourite fishing spots after sunset. The owl only breaks this tight seclusion during the cool winter months, when it emerges to back in the warmth of the early morning sun.


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Activities at Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

Game Drives

&Beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge boasts some of the best game viewing in the Delta and guests set off in search of wildlife in the early morning and late afternoon. Situated on the edge of the Delta, the game viewing areas at Sandibe remain accessible throughout the year, irrespective of rising water levels. Game viewing here is remote and secluded, with very few vehicles sharing the private concession. Afternoon drives continue after night, allowing for an opportunity to see the many animals that are more active at night, including leopard and serval. Lion frequently hunt at night and there is always a chance of coming upon them feeding on a kill.

No additional cost

Scenic Helicopter Flight

Thrill to an aerial view of the Okavango Delta as you soar above a vast maze of both permanent and fleeting waterways and floodplains that occupy an otherwise sandy corner of Botswana in a helicopter. Fly over rivers and pools dotted with lily pads, as well as a variety of wild animals that inhabit this unique habitat.
Additional costs apply

Photographic Safari

Improve your outdoor photography and capture the magnificent wildlife and scenic landscapes of the Okavango Delta on a photographic safari. This safari is accompanied by a professional photographer, who is also a trained guide and is able to predict the behaviour of the animals, as well as giving you advice on the composition and settings for your photographs. Set out in a private vehicle and spend as much time as you want at each sighting, bringing your own equipment or use the state-of-the-art digital SLR cameras with zoom lenses that are provided.
Additional costs apply

Private Vehicles

A private 4x4 safari vehicle can be pre-booked at Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge, subject to availability and at an additional cost.